Deploying and Configuring Apps

Once your Zendesk account has been registered for use of the CloudSET Framework has all available Apps will have been introduced as part of your CloudSET Apps Library, but the majority will not yet be ready for use until the option is taken to deploy, install and configure.

Bring up the CloudSet Services Page then Deploy, Install and Configure available Apps

Using the New Zendesk Agent Interface it is possible bring up the CloudSet Services page by selecting the CloudSet Framework sidebar icon (1).

From within the Apps tab (2) it is now possible to deploy (3), install (4) and configure (5) any Apps available as part of your CloudSet Services subscription.

If required an App can be undeployed and uninstalled to remove the associated functionality and capability (6).

Apps Unavailable for Deployment

Depending upon the level of service purchased, there might be one or more Apps  listed that are unavailable for use within your pricing plan. These are "grayed out", labeled as not available in the list and the corresponding deploy link is disabled (1).

Should you wish to make use of these Apps then please upgrade your service level to the appropriate price plan.

Installing and Configuring Apps

Installing and Configuring Apps

When an App is first installed the associated configurator will be presented, inviting the completion of all required configurations.

Apply any required updates to the configuration settings (1) and click the Save button (2) to apply the settings for use by the App within the New Zendesk Agent Interface.

The Save button will briefly change to display the text Saving... and any errors will be reported back in the dialog.

If no errors are reported, simply close the dialog (3), otherwise contact Coherence Design for support.

The configurations can be updated at any time by clicking the configure button against the App in the Apps tab on the CloudSet Services page (see previous step).

Full details pertaining to the configuration of each App are described in the subsequent sections of this manual.